16th World Congress of Anaesthesiologists

28 August - 2 September 2016
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Yoshinori Iwase

Affiliation: Anesthesiology SAITAMA MEDICAL UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL, Moroyama, Japan;

Award / titles received: President of Japanese Society for Technology in Anesthesia 2016

Biography: Yoshinori IWASE was born in Tokyo, Japan 1959. PRESENT APPOINTMENT: Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, Saitama Medical University Hospital, Saitama, Japan ENGLISH MEDICAL BOOK TRANSLATION IWASE Y, KAYAMA Y, KINEFUCHI Y, SUWA K: Japanese translation of "Gravenstein JS:Gas monitoring and pulse oximetery". SUWA K, ed. SOUGOU-IGAKUSHA, Tokyo, pp.27-75, 1994 KIKUCHI H, IWASE Y: Japanese translation of “Maltby JR: Notable names in anaesthesia”, SOUGOU-IGAKUSHA, Tokyo, 2016 (In press) CURRENT RESEARCH AND INTERESTING: Visualized Airway Management (Including equipment development).Computing in anesthesia and intensive care.History of Anesthesia and Medicine. ABSTRACT Introduction Maltby JR ed: Notable names in anesthesia. (The Choir Press, UK) Contained 84 notable names in 254 pages was translated into Japanese and will be published in May, 2016. To obtain best translation and understandings, entire book was imported into PC database software. Current method conducted not only better translation and publication but also novel discovery to the historical research. Methods Entire book was scanned by OCR and created MS-word document include figures and photograph. All descriptions were divided into one sentence by text editor. Every sentence was transferred into MS-Access database software. Thus, one database record contained one sentence. The Japanese translation, date, place, GPS data, memo, amendments and internet URL fields were added on each database record. Basic functions of database software such as query, sort, and narrow-down were employed for revising translation and confirmation of historical facts. Sentence with GPS data transferred into GPS Visualizer website to plot the location, and to generate his or her trace route on Google or OSM(Open Street Map) map. Results 4401 sentences were imported into database which were added 1416 year/date tags and 805 GPS locations. Every sentence was able to trace at least 5 times of revision history with co-translator and publishing editor. Basic function made a chance to find better understandings or novel trivia in history of anesthesia. For example, Brain, Bromage and Gray went same school (Ampleforth Abbey & College, UK). GPS visualizer generated versatile trace route map. (figure showed all GPS locations with description in Europe and its description by mouse click) Time sorted description provided “New recognition, impression and excitements”. Conclusion Current method had a possibility providing a new chance to discover novel facts and relation in notable names. Acknowledgement: Prof.J.Roger Maltby(Original Author), Prof.Hirosato Kikuchi(Chief translator)

Disclosure of Interest: None declared


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