16th World Congress of Anaesthesiologists

28 August - 2 September 2016
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Alan John Mclintic

Affiliation: Department of Anaesthesia Middlemore Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand, Auckland, New Zealand;

Statement of expertise for the sub-committee: General anaesthetist with interest in philosophy of science and how we form our beliefs in medicine.

Biography: Alan McLintic is a specialist anaesthetistin Middlemore Hospitaland an Hon. Senior Lecturer at the University of Auckland. When he is not using machines that go 'ping' heexplores areas of philosophy of science, persuasion and belief-forming in medicine. Images that explain,exposeand persuade are, therefore,anatural and fascinating interest. Abstract What is it about satire that is so entertaining yet aslo provokes profound emotion from deep empathy to incendiary rage? So effective was it in driving the Fuhrer apoplectic, that the Gestapo had a Dunedin artist placed on their most-wanted list. In contrast, a few years earlier, A Melbourne artist drew one of the most poignant, insightful cartoons every printed. Visual satire has a special power that words do not, but things can also go drastically wrong when people simply haven't got the joke. Does satire effect change or is it a loud but empty vessel? How do the targets of the past compare with those of today? And, while we are at it, what is satire anyway? This talk explores these and other questions in the most piercing of all rhetoric, satirical visual art.

Disclosure of Interest: None declared


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